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Jurong WRP - Jurong Water Reclamation Plant

Plant Data

Plant Name: Jurong Water Reclamation Plant
Contact Information:
Plant Operation: Municipal
Type of Processing: Wastewater (40% domestic sewage & 60% industrial)
Main Process Type: Conventional Activated Sludge using mechanical surface aerators
History: Planned in 1974; First Phase construction commenced in 1978; completed & commissioned in 1981; Second Phase commissioned in 1988.
Treatment Capacity: Total treatment capacity of 164,000 m3 per day; serving a population equivalent of 778,400.
Effluent Standards: BOD 20 mg/l; SS 30 mg/l
Area Served: Jurong Industrial Estate, Housing Estates in Jurong Easte, Jurong West, Jurong West Extension and part of Bukit Batok as well as Tuas, Pulau Samulun and Tanjong Kling areas.
Cost:Total cost of consturction was Singapore Dollar S$130.5 million.
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Plant/Process Scheme Description

Sewage and wastewater from houses, factories, commercial and industrial premises is collected in underground sewer pipes and conveyed by pumping stations to Jurong Water Reclamation Plant.

Sewage enters the inlet chamber of works and flows through automatically controlled mechanical bar screens to remove rags and fibrous materials. Screenings removed is sent to press before disposal. After that sewage detritor to remove grit and heavy solids.

After grit chamber the wastewater flows into primary sedimentation tanks. Primary sludge settled down is thickened before pumped to digesters.

Wastewater then flows into aeration tanks where mechanical surface aerators are used to provide oxygen for the activated sludge process.

The mixed liquor from the aeration tanks then flows into the final sedimentation tanks to settle down the solids. After this, the final effluent is discharged througha 1800mm concrete pipeline into the sea.

Settled sludge in the final sedimentation tanks is returned to the inlet of aeration tanks contiuously (return activated sludge). Some amount is removed regularly to maintain sludge ages. The surplus activated sludge (or sludge wasting) is sent to dissolved air flotation thickeners for thickening.

Sludge from primary clarifier, and wasted sludge from the final sedimentation tank is pumped to anaerobic digesters for further treatment. Biogas produced contains 60-70% methane and is used for fuel for dual fuel engine generators. This supplies 40-50% of Jurong WRP's power requirements.

After digestion, digested sludge is also sent to plate filter presses for sludge dewatering. Dewatered sludge cake can be used as landfills or sent to incinerators.

Owner& Operating Company
Public Utilities Board of Singapore, 40 Scotts Road # 18-00, Environment Building, Singapore 228231, Singapore
Website: http://www.pub.gov.sg/

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