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Ulu Pandan WRP - Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant

Plant Data

Plant Name: Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant
Contact Information:
Plant Operation: Municipal
Type of Processing: Wastewater
Main Process Type: Membrane Bioreactor with concurrent Compact and Covered Plant.
History: Commissioned in 1961.
Treatment Capacity: Total treatment capacity of 361,000 m3 per day.
Effluent Standards: BOD 20 mg/l; SS 30 mg/l
Area Served:
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Plant/Process Scheme Description


Covered and Compact system;
Odor control facilities;
Membrane bioreactor pilot plants using various membrane types undergoing.

Owner& Operating Company
Public Utilities Board of Singapore, 40 Scotts Road # 18-00, Environment Building, Singapore 228231, Singapore
Website: http://www.pub.gov.sg/

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