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Message 5 - esther | esther~DOT~ferro~AT~vepica~DOT~com
hi, i was trying to download the SuperPro Designer evaluation version but i could not, when i clicked the link something showed up telling me that the page was not found, if anybody knows a website where the program can be downloaded without problems please tell me
10 July 2009 - venezuela

Webmaster comments   In that case please go to http://www.intelligen.com/downloads.shtml to download the lastest demo version.

Message 4 - www.watertreatment.com.cn
My understanding about 流离现象 - A Solids liquid separation/displacement phenomenon in which solids is trapped in the porous structure.

Ryuri (a phenomenon of solids, specific gravity 1.05, flowing from the faster current to the slower current and accumulating in the water flowing environment) solid organic matter in the wastewater accumulates inside of a Jarikko. Therefore, the water (liquid) of the wastewater outflows by the hour and the solid organic matter (solids) of the wastewater is held inside of the Jarikko at first and then outflows in 10 to 30 days.
The solid organic matter inside of the Jarikko is liquidized under the anaerobic reducing condition and then outflows by itself. And then, new solid organic matter flows into the now-opened inside of the Jarikko. This action keeps repeating inside of the Jarikko.
3 April 2007

Message 3 - solomon | comfortsolutions2002~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
water treatment
26 January 2007 - india

Message 2 - priyankar | shimul~AT~bbts~DOT~net
want water treatment plant supplier
22 January 2007 - china

Message 1 - sabriner | sabriner_shan~AT~sohu~DOT~com
10 December 2006 - 药厂的污水处理技术

Webmaster comments   查了一下网上,似乎这个词并没有对应的英文词汇。这是来自日本的技术,因为日文的写法与中文的写法相同(但又不完全相同因为中文是简体写法),所以让人引起误会,其实我觉得这个词在日文中可以当成是一个词,但是在中文则不应该广泛推广。如果硬要翻译成英文的话,Jarikko Globe可能是一种比较恰当的写法。但是Jarikko一词仍然只是日文的译音而不是意译。

其实简单一点说这就是一种填料,在污水生物处理中起固液分离作用。In English it is just a packing which is used for separation purpose in the biological treatment of wastewater.

A Jarikko is made of gravel, measuring 20-30mm in length, put together into a globe which is 10cm in diameter.

Hope the above information is helpful.

Thanks for posting.

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