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List of Singapore Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Major Water Treatment Works

Major Wastewater / Sewage Treatment / Reclamation Plants

Singapore's Water Supply & Water Resources

Singapore's water supply comes from both local sources and from Johor State of Malaysia. Water is provided to all parts of the main island and major offshore islands through a distribution pipeline of more than 4,950 kilometers. Singapore consumes about 300 million gallons of water per day

Singapore's water quality is monitored daily by chemical and bacteriological tests, and the water quality is well within the Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The Four National Taps of Singapore

Water Sources within Singapore island mainly consists of the local catchments - water reservoirs scattered on the whole island which collects rain water. Half of Singapore is already water catchment area and it is planned to be increased to two thirds of the total island area by 2009.

List of Water Reservoirs in Singapore

One additional water supply source under construction is the Marina Barrage which is a dam built across the Marina Channel. It acts as a tidal barrier that prevents high tides from causing flooding of inland low-lying areas at the same time creates a fresh water reservoir behind it.

Singapore is also putting a lot of efforts in water reclamation and seawater desalination programs as a mean to find more water resources.

NEWater is the relclaimed water produced in Singapore from treated wastewater (sewage) through treatment using conventional biological treatment, microfiltration and reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet disinfection processes. MBR - Membrane Bioreactor technology and RO - Reverse Osmosis processes are used in Singapore's Four NEWater Plants:

Situated in the sea, Singapore is looking into seawater deslination as a sources of its water supply. The Tuas South Seawater Desalination was opened on 13 Septemeber 2005 and produces 30 million gallons of water (136,380 m3) each day.

Singapore's Water Treatment Works

Water resources from local catchments and from Johor, Malaysia is treated in water works before supplies to consumers.

The major Water Treatment Works are:

Singapore's Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater in Singapore is treated at Water Reclamation Plants before discharged into water courses. The Singapore Effluent Discharge Standards is not really so high but the enforcement is good. Total volume of used water treated in year 2006 = 511 million cubic metres.

The major wastewater /sewage treatment plants are:

Of these, four are already turned into NEWater Plants which not only treat wastewater but also turns them into water supply resources, as mentioned previously. Reclaimed water is used in industries or recharged into the water reservoirs instead of directly supplied to the pipelines.

NEWater Plants

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