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Category: Kubota Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System

Porlock Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Wastewater Treatment Plant

Plant Data:

Plant Name: Porlock Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) or Porlock Sewage Treatment Works (STW), or Porlock MBR Plant
Contact Information:
Plant Operation: Municipal
Type of Processing: Wastewater
Main Process Type: Screening pretreatment, membrane bioreactor, recycled anoxic treatment
History: Commissioned in early 1998.
Treatment Capacity: Total treatment capacity of 1,900 m3 per day; serving a population equivalent of 3,800.
Effluent Standards: BOD < 4 mg/l; SS < 1 mg/l
Area Served:
Cost: Projected membrane costs of ~ UK Poulds 60 per m2 assumed, with 2880 m2 membrane in total
Porlock MBR Plant Locations: Porlock, Somerset, UK
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Process Scheme:

Porlock plant design
? 1900 m3/day flow capacity :
? 27 LMH at capacity
? 24 units, 150 panels per unit
? 3600 panels, 2880 m2 total
? 4 aeration tanks (6 units per tank)
? Permeate removed under gravity (0.01-0.12 bar)
? Pretreatment using 3 mm perforated screens (changed
from 2mm wedgewire)

Porlock plant operation
? In-situ chemical clean (0.5% hypochlorite for 5 hrs)
after 9 months operation
? Occasional aerator flushing
? SRT̻s of 30-60 d
? Sludge production:
? 0.38-0.5 kg kgBOD-1
? 3-6.5 m3 day of 2% DS sludge
? 1 foaming incident (due to shock load of surfactant)
? No significant odours (<2 mg m-3 H2S)
? ~3% membrane failure over 7 years

Influent and Effluent Quality Parameters:


The first full-scale MBR plant in Europe built by Wessex Water at Porlock and operational in early 1998. Porlock is in a picturesque village location on the edge of Exmoor National Park in the UK. The site is overlooked by both the village and the surrounding hills and effluent discharges into the sea near a designated bathing beach. The requirement was thus for a high quality compact treatment process that the plant should be housed within a building to fit in with the adjacent farm property.

It is enclosed, small scale, highly efficient and represents one of the most advanced installations of its kind in Europe. Compact facility housed in local stone-faced building similar to adjacent farmhouse.


Porlock MBR Plant Layout:

Porlock MBR Plant Layout

Plant Images: From Google: Porlock MBR Plant

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