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Category: Kubota Membrane Bioreacto (MBR) System

Swanage Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Wastewater Treatment Plant

Plant Data:

Plant Name: Swanage Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) or Swanage Sewage Treatment Works (STW), or Swanage MBR Plant
Contact Information:
Plant Operation: Municipal
Type of Processing: Wastewater
Main Process Type: Screening pretreatment, membrane bioreactor, recycled anoxic treatment, odor control by a scrubbing system
History: In operation since June 2000.
Treatment Capacity: Total treatment capacity of 12,700 m3 per day, peak flow 17,700 m3 per day; serving a population equivalent of 26,000.
Effluent Standards: BOD ? mg/l; SS ? mg/l
Area Served: Swanage, Dorset, UK
Cost: Total cost UK Poulds 28 million
Swanage MBR Plant Locations: Swanage, Dorset, UK
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Process Scheme:

Swanage MBR plant (Kubota)
? 13,000 m3/day normal flow, 17,700 m3/day peak:
? 34 LMH normal flow, 46 LMH peak
? ~280 LMH bar-1 specific flux
? 132 units, 150 panels per unit
? 19,800 panels, 15840 m2 total
? 6 aeration tanks with 22 units each
? Coarse air bubble aeration at 0.6 Nm3 hr-1 element-1
? Operates at 15-25 g l-1 MLSS, 2.5 h HRT
? V. high capex (over 1000 per capita!), but mostly
due to civils


The Swanage Waste Water Treatment Plant is built on an old demolition site and has been constructed using local Purbeck stone and landscaped to blend into the surroundings.

This sewage treatment plant uses Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process for treating all the waste water from Swanage even at the height of summer when holidaymakers boost the population to 26,000 people.These micro-filters process the water and removes everything down to the smallest bacteria to produce an effluent which is fully disinfected.

The effluent is discharged through the existing Victorian pipeline into the sea 400m beyond the lifeboat station

Costing a total of £28 million, this major scheme has also involved building an enormous underground storm water tunnel to reduce the risk of flooding in the town centre.

The Swanage plant has been operating since June 2000. The available site is very confined being located between a marina and holiday homes, with bathing beaches a short distance away at a southern coastal area in the UK. The plant building is underground with little visible from the land.

Plant Layout:

Swanage MBR Plant

Plant Images: From Google: Swanage MBR Plant

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